"I like to think of photographing as a two-way act of respect. Respect for the medium, by letting it do what it does best, describe. And respect for the subject, by describing as it is. A photograph must be responsible to both."

Garry Winnogrand, 1928-1984

I could not possibly find better words to describe my view on photography, and to be more specific, wedding photography.

As a photographer, I see every wedding as a special event the story of which I am called upon to tell with the medium I know how to use best - photography.

I photograph without any preconception on how the wedding photographs of a wedding must be. Every couple, every family and every wedding day is unique. For this reason I don't stage or direct when I'm taking pictures. I act as an observer with the sole purpose of describing the special day a wedding is. "Wedding photojournalism" - if I have to give a name to the photography style I employ.

I always challenge myself to transcend beyond photographic recording. Describing by photography means telling a small story with a single photograph, and all the photographs as a whole tell the story of the day. A story that will be relived any time the wedding album is opened.

Home is Athens, Greece. I accept wedding assignments throughout Greece, and a limited number of assignments abroad each year.

Full day wedding photography coverage packages start from 2,200.00 Euros.

Thank you for your interest in my work.

Petros Sordinas